Greater wax moths cause waves in scientific sound research

Horses can pull carriages, dogs can detect bombs and birds can carry messages. But a recent scientific discovery may see another member of the natural world stepping into the limelight.

Studies have found that the greater wax moth is capable of hearing the highest recorded frequency of any animal in the natural world. The research, conducted by a team at Strathclyde University, Glasgow has found that the moths can hear frequencies of up to 300kHz.

To put that in perspective, humans are only capable of hearing up to 20kHz (the average voice frequency ranges fro 0.3kHz to 3.4kHz) and dolphins are only capable of hearing up to 160kHz (even with their use of ultrasound.

According to the scientists involved, it is unclear how the moths developed this ability. However, they are certain that the findings will lead to rapid advancements in our own sound and ultrasound technology and may even lead to new technological innovations, such as miniature microphones.

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