Pick of the Week 5/15

Avengers Enemy Within

Avengers Enemy Within #1

I am a huge, huge fan of Kelly Sue DeConnick’s current Captain Marvel run. The “The Enemy Within” arc finds Captain Marvel in a bit of a bind as she has a legion in her brain that’ll kill her the more she uses her flying ability. This issue does well to catch readers up with the lead-up from the previous four issues (though you should still give them a read) as the secret force that’s been dogging Carol finally begins to show its hand. DeConnick’s writing hits a high with great dialogue between Carol’s understandable pessimism and Jessica Drew’s (aka Spider Woman) humor and supportiveness. Avengers Enemy Within is another example of great writing from DeConnick complemented by some amazingly detailed and strong-lined art by Scott Hepburn.


The Dream Merchant

The Dream Merchant #1

The Dream Merchant has a great premise that hints at whirlwind adventure, introspective questions and hijinks galore. However, the first issue drudges along and you can’t help but just shake it and lovingly yell “pick up the pace”! Winslow is a boy “haunted by recurring dreams” who escapes a mental institution with his juvie love interest when he sees three hooded creatures hell-bent on making him fall asleep. By the end of this double-sized issue, he meets his obligatory old-man-mentor and has all the tools for a proper bildungsroman: fate of the world (in his dreams), old teacher and love interest. In all honesty, The Dream Merchant will be a great read for fans of coming-of-age adventure stories.


Non Humans 3

Non Humans #3

I’ve been a fan of Non Humans since the start, and this issue did not disappoint. The four-part series reads like a sci-fi noir, with an emphasis on the sci-fi. Non Humans gives readers a world where dolls have become animated and demand equal rights and where humans have the ‘spark’ to do so. The premise is a breeding ground of fascinating human rights questions while maintaining a fair amount of cop action. In this issue, the antagonist reveals his evil plans and big twists about Aimes’s son Eden and Aimes’s partner. Issue #3 ramps up the momentum from the previous two issues by laying the plot exposition before the final issue.


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