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Half Past Danger IDW

Half Past Danger #1
Half Past Danger goes by quickly as each page is stringed together with witty and gritty dialogue and interesting angles. The rough-and-tough soldier, dinosaur and dark-lidded damsel on the cover conveys the mixture of noir and sci-fi themes in the story. The first two-thirds of the issue is devoted to a backstory where Sgt Flynn loses his troops to an unexpected attack by T-Rexs. Yeah. And despite this almost ridiculous crossover, the well-crafted group bonds and Flynn’s later descent into alcoholism creates the gravitas necessary to pull it off. My favorite part of the issue was the late introduction of two mysterious figures – a raven haired woman and tall and blonde soldier. The brief introduction nonetheless gives a strong sense of both characters. Half Past Danger was an amazing read and my number one pick for this week.



the bounce image

The Bounce #1
In the first panel, the Bounce presents our hero smoking a huge bong. It gets better, as our heroes superpower is basically embodying the elasticity of a rubber ball. In this world, superheroes and other dimensions are new, which is a breath of fresh air in our super-saturated superhero comic book shelves. The Bounce’s tongue-in-cheek presentation and realistic dialogue creates an entertaining world, especially for the under-30 demographic. This is a great read and definitely worth picking up.



sex 3 image

Sex #3
Sex has a intriguing premise: Simon Cook aka The Armored Saint, a former superhero of Saturn City, de-masks and comes back home to live life as a simple citizen. Although the characters are drawn a little too close to Batman (with a brooding hero, male sidekick, female love interest/bad guy, elderly parental figure, etc.), the fallen hero’s new dynamics with old archetypes makes an interesting read. However, issue #3 does little to advance the protagonist’s promised descent into the sex and debauchery of the city. In fact, so far the series hasn’t delved into the attraction of sex and vice, instead relying on drawn out sex and masturbation scenes. I expected more introspection from an series entitled Sex. While side characters got a little more development in this issue, Simon’s internal conflict is becoming a bit redundant. The quick jumps from scene to scene make it difficult to relate to any specific character, most of all Simon. Hopefully things will pick up in later issues, and we’ll get to see Simon make some decisions on his ennui.

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