Pick of the Week 5/29

X-Men #1
I’ve been excited about X-Women since Marvel announced it a few months back. And I was not disappointed. Of course my favorite part of it is Jubilee – yeah we got Jubilee! And in addition to the yellow jacket and sass she’s got a baby! A baby-who-might-be-an-evil-force-of-death. Still it’s adorable. What really struck me about this issue was the amazing art: dynamic panel placement, some amazing line work and somehow the women seemed beautiful without being overly sexualized (probably due to some smart superhero clothing choices that had few cutouts). The pacing of the story is great with a quick introduction of the baddie and a nicely vague cliffhanger. Also, oddly enough, we see some of the X-Women do some teaching/advising for the students (sometimes I think the school is like a 90210 school where there’s a lot of drama/fighting and not a lot of learning). This issue’s got fully-clad sexy women, actual teaching, a BABY and some great art and story work. Definitely pick this up.



Catwoman Annual #1
On the first page we see a guy get killed and on the fourth Catwoman basically says “meh, I don’t really want to check this out.” Is it bad that I love her for it? Still, her constant quips get a little tiring. Overall, the script has too many longwinded explanations and is heaving with forced witticisms. Although Penguin provides an interesting antagonist, nothing about him screamed ‘terror’ or ‘evil-incarnate’ (although kudos for the a drone reference). He’s a flat baddie, and Catwoman’s motivations are also murky for the first 3/4 of the issues, especially after her initial disinterest. This issue was a bit of a dud for me, and was disappointing given the potential.

The wake snyder
The Wake #1
I’m a big fan of Sean Murphy’s art. Combine that with Scott Snyder and I’m there 110%. And it is worth it. There’s a mysterious beast underneath the ocean and Dr. Archer is brought onto a mysterious underwater rig with a group of scientists to figure out what it is. The premise is a bit contrived, but the script creates enough foreboding without being cliche. The art is, as expected, superb with dark lines and some paled colors that match the ominous overtones. I’m excited to see where Snyder will take us next.


Image via Marvel, Vertigo

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