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Chin Music
Chin Music #1
There’s been a rash of supernatural crime fighting comics lately, but Chin Music is one of the better ones. The story follows Shaw, who “is a man on the run and lost in time. [….] [in] a tale of mysticism and violence. Tony Harris’s art is rich in detail with clever art deco frames to characterize the time period (early 1900s). However, Steve Niles’s writing is all over the place, and time, as he jumps back and forth without giving readers enough details to keep track or be invested. Still, what’s gleamed of the plot promises an interesting ride that’ll be a bit bloodier and more confusing than other works in the genre.

Katana #4
Issue #3 left off with a nail-biting cliffhanger when Killer Croc destroys Katana’s Soultaker Sword. When the sword breaks, Matsuo finally tells Katana what everyone’s been thinking – GET OVER HIM. Even HE thinks it’s weird that she sleeps with a sword. Katana’s character revolves around her obsession with her dead husband, which should be tragic and endearing and instead leaves readers with a sense of pity. Hopefully, Katana will begin to develop some real personality traits – and real kickass skills – now that her husband/sword is out of the picture.

Grimm #1
Grimm #1 does exactly what you would expect of a tv-spinoff comic: it provides some backstory and just a lot of canon content for rabid fans. Though I don’t watch the show, I enjoyed the comic – it was a light read with an action-driven plot and easy-to-digest characters. For fans of the show, I’d pick up the issue just for kicks and a little extra material to fuel your fan fiction. However, as a tv-based comic I wish the faces of the characters were more detailed so readers could really see and connect them with the on-screen actors. Also, the introduction of another female Grimm left a lot to be desired as in waltzed a tall, beautiful, blonde Grimm who wears garters to work. Garters are barely fit for day-to-day use, much less if those days include carnage. And, as per usual, the two female characters in the issue are the bitchy mom who abandons her son and the sex-symbol warrior goddess who wears garters into battle (it makes no sense). Still, Grimm delivers on what it promises – superficial, entertaining and canon content.

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