Software You Should Have: Alfred

Platform: Mac OSX
Cost: Free (Optional Powerpack £15)
Download it from Here:
Version 1.2:
Version 2:

Using a computer is sometimes like life. It’s the little things that make a big difference, the Mac software “Alfred” has this sentiment more than any other software I have used in my computing life.

The name Alfred usually invokes the image of Batman’s butler popping up and doing his part to help out around Wayne Manor, this essentially is the same here (it even has a little hat but no Wayne Manor though). As like many people I find that it is quicker to type on a keyboard then navigate with a mouse and Alfred not only helps with this but makes it a joy to use. With a simple keyboard command of your choice (mine is tapping the cmd key twice) you pop up your friendly little helper Alfred to assist you.

How I hear you ask!? When Alfred magically appears you can type in the software you want to use and hit enter and it will appear. Now I know this doesn’t sound like much but it helps productivity so much if you know your way round the keyboard and are seemingly always busy and switching between applications.


Don’t worry if you use Alfred enough then that Samba bookmark will be the first thing when you type “Sa”.

Its not just apps that it launches, although that is the main purpose you will use it for. It also can be used as a quick calculator, dictionary, contact launcher and a competent file search. If you find yourself using Alfred more than you speak to your children then delve deeper with the Powerpack which has iTunes support, advanced clipboard features, 1Password integration and even terminal support. Imagine that coding from inside your butler! (Not like that you filthy person).


All the features Alfred has to offer.

I wish I could drag this out more by going in-depth but the basics is what Alfred does and it does very well! Try it for yourself and then imagine your life without your own butler (hint: you can’t).

Next week’s “Software You Should Have” is going to be everyone’s favourite PC gaming service Origin! Kidding I shall be covering Valve Corporations Steam.

Till next time, keep it Geekily.

Craig Baughan

I have a particular love for technology and video gaming. When I am not playing any video games which is a rarity, I am on the internet writing about them.

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