Software You Should Have: Google Chrome

Weekly columns/features are a good idea! So I thought I would give it a shot of my own and call it “Software You Should Own” catchy huh!? So each week I shall give a piece of software I think “You Should Own” yes you, reading this right now. It can be on any platform as I think OS prejudice is wrong and also feel free to send me suggest of things you believe I should look at. As this is the first week however I thought I would do something easy to comprehend to everyone and also multi-platformed so no one is missing out. So without further introduction. Ladies and gentlemen the first Software You Should Have: Google Chrome.

Yes it looks like a strange Pokeball.

Yes it looks like a strange Pokeball.


Platform: OSX, Windows, Android, iOS & Linux.
Download it from here:

Yes I know that this is an easy choice but according to W3 Schools there is still a lot of people out there who presist on using other browers. Which is mind boggling to me, not just from a speed perspective on the desktop but also the range of other features that the multi-platformed browser has to offer. By itself it is a capable browser, sure it doesn’t have any fancy dubstep advert to promote itself but when linked to other devices it is 100 times more useful than the rest.

Chrome screenshot

As Apps are all the rage these days Chrome has them too. Although I barely use them.


First off is the synchronizing capabilities between all devices. For instance if I Geekily open on my laptop, I can go onto Chrome on my iPhone and with a simply click on other devices, boom, I can continue where I left off. This goes for passwords, usernames, even chrome themes and extensions if you log on to another computer (which works on both Mac to Windows and vice versa) which is extremely handy for all those important extensions which you must have for a good working/leisure period.

Speaking of Extensions Google Chrome is certainly not lacking in them. They have everything from Email reminders to note takers, link creators to shopping list creators. Realistically though I use the basics, these being AdBlock, Turn Off The Lights and the always useful for getting the cheapest deal extension InvisibleHand which I would recommend to everyone.

“First we take over the icon world, then the real world!”

“First we take over the icon world, then the real world!”


With all the services Google offer it is arguable that all of them are going to work with best within Chrome for instance, I am a huge fan of Google Docs, however whenever I use them in Mozilla Firefox I usually get the odd error message or two, with Chrome that doesn’t happen. They run fine with nothing to worry about, but the article about Google Docs/Drive is somewhere in the future as that is full of its own awesomeness.

Chrome has truly changed the way I browse the internet, a long time ago I used Mozilla Firefox and after switching to Chrome it made me appreciate the speed, ease of use and multiple features it offers in comparison to others. It does so many things so subtly better than other browsers it is hard to pinpoint and describe what makes it so good, so try it for yourself and tell me what makes it so good in the comments. If you already use it tell me why use it or what could make it better.

Next week’s software you should have will be Mac-Exclusive Alfred. Until then keep it Geekily.

Craig Baughan

I have a particular love for technology and video gaming. When I am not playing any video games which is a rarity, I am on the internet writing about them.

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  1. FredTheRed says:

    Coding view about google chrome:

    For web development and web design I heavily recommend google chrome due to the extra commands it accepts in css. Also google is the leaders of the evolution of web design right now and has alot of new beta features. I also use -webkit- transitions loads as it makes the web page feel more responsive especially the -webkit-transition combined with the hover function.

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