The Xbox One: what you need to know

Microsoft has finally unveiled its new games console and the gaming world is alive with debate. But for those who missed this long-anticipated announcement, here is a summary of everything you need to know about the Xbox One.

What’s in the name?

The Xbox One has baffled a lot of gaming fans with its confusing name. The name seems to stem from Microsoft’s desire to create a console that provide all-in-one entertainment, channelling gaming and TV through one box. But despite the justification, for many it is a very strange name for the third Xbox console.

How is it different?

The Xbox One tries to set itself apart from the competition by broadening it’s target audience. Rather than just focussing on gaming, the new console has the ability to connect to and record live television, play films, connect to the internet, play Blue-ray discs and allow Skype calls. Whether it can do all of this as well as a laptop or television, that’s another question.

What about its gaming features?

Despite the consoles focus on all-in-one technology, the Xbox One is still competing for a top spot in the gaming world. Unfortunately, gamers seem a little disappointed by the gaming announcements so far and are worried, quite rightly, that the Xbox One is more for the living room than the gaming world. However, Microsoft has promised some innovative gaming updates will be announced before the console goes on sale and will include games using Kinect’s facial recognition and heart-rate sensor feature.

When is it out?

So far there is no set date or price for the Xbox One, but it is expected to launch before the end of 2013, just in time for the Christmas market.


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