Apple reveals new iOS 7 design and new iTunes Radio

Apple has finally revealed it’s new “clean” iOS 7 design for iPhone and iPod, to be released in autumn of this year.

Moving away from the 3D ‘textured’ effect used in previous operating systems, the iOS 7 design is based on a completely flat layout which is intended to “elevate” the users’ content.

Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering Craig Federighi has also revealed that the new operating system includes a parallax effect, meaning that the icons will shift against the background image as the user tilts the handset.

So far, those who have used the new operating system have described it as “polarising” and “unrecognisable” – great for those pushing for a refreshed interface but perhaps a little daunting for those opposed to dramatic change.

iOS 7 also includes automatic app updates, anti-theft measures and a redesigned font to keep up with the redesign of the layout.

iTunes Radio

Apple have also announced the new iTunes Radio, a music streaming service which offers access to themed stations that can be tailored to the user.

Looking to rival Spotify, Apple claim their new music service is a great way for user to “discover new music” and will promote the iTunes store so that users have the option to purchase promoted songs that they enjoyed.

The feature will come with iOS 7 as part of the music app and is also compatible with iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

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