Pick of the Week 6/12


Joe Hill’s Thumbprint:
Thumbprint has one of my favorite lead characters to date. Private Mallory Grennan has done some horrible things as a prison worker in Abu Ghraib, and we see her struggle to reconcile her past and the war with civilian life. When a blank envelope containing a thumbprint appears on her door, Grennan is pulled back into memories of torture and amorality in Abu Ghraib. Mallory Grennan is one of my favorite characters because her moral compass has been crushed. Watching her adjust to life with the fact is painful but brilliantly executed. Thumbprint is well worth a buy because of its true antihero.

Superman Unchained:
Those of you who know me know I’m a solid Marvel girl. So keep in mind that I’m not that versed in DC and Superman canon. In Superman Unchained, Superman saves the earth from 7 satellites that have mysteriously been shot towards Earth. However, one satellite gets through and is stopped by another mysterious benevolent force. the cliffhanger ending is unexpected and is a solid foundation for intriguing plot twists in the future. Cliched superheroes often spout out witty one-liners and catchphrases. However, the dialogue in the issue was quick and to-the-point. I appreciated hearing Superman’s terse thoughts in battle, and Lois’s fast and solid journalism showed character even mor perceptive then our man of steel. Superman Unchained has great, short dialogue and a plot twist worth following.

Images via IDW, DC

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