Pick of the Week 6/19

100 Bullets: Brother Lono
100 Bullets: Brother Lono is a visceral and skillfully-drawn comic. Set in Medico, the plot slowly unravels and is only fully clear at the end of the issue. More compelling than the plot are the various example of cartel violence and threats. The issue perfectly hints at the delicate balance between violence, religion and sex in the culture. Brother Lono is a man with a rough background charged with taking care of the new nun in town. It’s a bit of a cliche basis, but the compelling context and writing create an ambient piece well worth reading.

A1: Carpe DIEm
This issue is a hilarious satire on typical superhero teams. The Carpe Diem team had members with names like Sir Sunday, Lady Saturday and the omnipresent super-boss The 8th Day. The issue starts off with Sir Monday as a typical lone-wold hero, complete with an interior monologue and nemesis. Then, his head gets blown off. We’re finally introduced to the wacky and insanely-lovable Carpe Diem team, who have the magnificent catchphrase ‘Seize the Day!’ A1: Carpe DIEm is insane, satirical and kept me laughing.

Images via comic vine,comicosity

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