Pick of the Week 6/26


Batman/Superman #1 Batman/Superman #1 is a seminal work that juxtaposes the different backgrounds and ideologies of the DC’s two most famous heroes. The first interaction between the characters doesn’t occur face-to-face but through a fight between children. While Bruce Wayne watches and allows the child to defend himself, Clark Kent intervenes immediately and even scolds Bruce for not helping. This wonderfully written interaction gives readers a clear guide to the two very different ideologies of the heroes without being too obvious. This issue is laden with beautiful art – the large, full-page pieces are perfectly balanced. The plot itself gains momentum straight away with the murders of Wayne Enterprises employees in Metropolis, and it peaks in a fight sequence between Catwoman, Batman and Superman. Overall, Batman/Superman #1 is beautifully drawn and contains writing that helps readers familiarize themselves with the tropes of the heroes while developing an engaging plot.

Larfleeze #1 Larfleeze is a hilariously satirical anti-hero, and this first issue is a great introduction into his insane life. Accompanied by the long-suffering butler Stargrave, Larfleeze sits on an asteroid headed towards certain doom. As befits his narcissistic and insane personality, instead of trying to escape and save himself Larfleeze decides to again tell Stargrave his life story. The telling of the story in the issue contrasts Larfleeze’s glorified recount in speech bubbles with the truth of his low birth in the images. He tells of how he became superpowered by stealing the orange light and ring of greed. By the end of the tale, Larfleeze himself admits that only half the tale is true. The end of the issue contains the required cliffhanger as bad guys suddenly appear, and Larfleeze jumps straight into danger. Just like we expected him to. Larfleeze #1 is a funny issue with a protagonist so idiotic and proud readers will love to hate him.

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