Voyager Spacecraft is hovering on the Solar System’s edge

The Voyager-1 Spacecraft has finally started to travel through the outer edge of the Solar System, 18.5 billion km from earth.

Launched in 1977, the Voyager’s exit from the Solar System is a long time coming. Although the probe is yet to make the leap, creator Ed Stone has announced that the moment of truth could be only days away.

The Voyager-1 Spacecraft was designed by Dr Stone in the 70’s and launched on a path to a known star outside of the Solar System. Running on plutonium, the probe has been watched by scientists for decades thanks to it’s constant feed to the US space agency.

The spacecraft has already provided Ed and his team with 35 years of data, some of which has lead to new discoveries. One of the team’s most significant discoveries was that of the heliosheath depletion region, a small boundary layer that separates the heliosheath from interstellar space.

Dr Stone hopes that the long-awaited news id just days away,  but he has warned that the Voyager’s leap may not be imminent: “It could be any day, but it could also be several more years.”


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