Google (You Tube) buying Twitch for $1 Billion

If you don’t know what Twitch is, it is a very popular livestreaming service dedicated to gaming, formerly called “Justin TV”. Over the past 2 years, Twitch has dominated the market for online amateur gaming¬†streamers.

Currently, Twitter is blowing up with a rumour that You Tube is going to buy Twitch. The majority of users have expressed their woes in this initial knee-jerk, but what will really happen? These are a just a collection of advantages and disadvantages I have thought of.


  • Nintendo – Currently on You Tube, Nintendo have been known to be very fussy about what games you can play. Since Google are the ones taking over Twitch, their copyright policies will follow over
  • Music – A lot of streamers on Twitch play music that they shouldn’t really be playing, and this is currently overlooked by a lot of the community as it isn’t really a big deal, and I agree with this. However, over on You Tube, their copyright system is very good at picking up this music, and from stream highlights, it will be easy for You Tube to start striking accounts for copyright


  • Google have amazing servers. This is something that Twitch is currently lacking as there are currently a lot of complaints by the users and streams about the delay. Google’s servers should mean that we might even see a decrease in delay on the streams which would be quite wonderful
  • Chat – Twitch has been having problems recently with the chat not really functioning. This is another thing that having better servers behind the service would fix

But for clarification, it is currently rumour. Speculation. We do not know if this deal is real yet. We only have one piece of information from Twitch (shown below) that really does not tell us much.

But what it does tell us, is that it IS a rumour. We might all just be knee-jerking for nothing. We will just have to wait and see.

All in all, I think this will be a good move for Twitch. As long as the streamers keep streaming, and Google provide a large amount of bandwidth, far superior to what there was before, then it should turn out just fine.


I'm a musician and IT professional from South East London. I am also the founder of Tech Taste. I'm also a musician in my spare time.

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