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Tech Taste Attending EGX London

Hello! It’s been a while hasn’t it. This is the first post since the changeover, and I wanted to make an announcement. I shall be attending EGX London in September this year on the Saturday and the Sunday (hopefully). After the event I shall be writing to the website including...


Xbox 720 Speculations

Only a few days ago Sony released details for the PS4 including games accompanying the release, tech specs and the new controller. Speculation and rumours say that Microsoft are planning an event to release the new Xbox. Sony have been hogging all of the media for the past week with their sudden press...


Tomorrows Web – Popular London Tech Event

This Saturday, Henry & Jordan from the Geekily team will be heading to this awesome event. It has plenty of fun tech people there and its a great place to network. We as a team have been to the last 2 and have enjoyed them both thoroughly. As the events...