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Nokia Launch Mapping Service ‘Here’

EVERY so often, another company pops up and tries to rival Google Maps. Nokia have done the same thing, launched under the name here, but there’s more to it than just mapping.. Nokia have been doing maps for a while now, on their own phones mostly, but have just relaunched...


Microsoft Retires Windows Live Messenger

It’s official, Microsoft have announced their intention to retire Windows Live Messenger, keeping Skype as their major Instant Messaging service. With the release of Skype for Windows 8 and Skype 6 for Mac and Windows, and the development of Skype for Windows Phone 8, Microsoft have already started by allowing...


Telefónica Ventures Into Cloud Servers

Telefónica, the parent company of major mobile phone carriers O2 and Movistar, has announced the launch of their own cloud server platform, to rival the likes of Amazon, Microsoft and Rackspace. The service is aimed at developers, digital businesses and large enterprises, and is optimised for mobile, enterprise, and M2M...


Tray Makes Keeping on Top of Emails Easier Than Ever

We all know the feeling of a cluttered and time consuming inbox, losing track of emails and forgetting to do things. is a startup which focuses on making email easier by dealing with your emails automatically, based on your preset conditions. Much like social media integration service Ifttt,


Spotify to Launch Web Client

According to close and inside sources, Swedish music streaming service Spotify is due to release a browser based client. The existing desktop client hasn’t been properly updated in a year or so, indicating strongly that Spotify are focusing their efforts elsewhere. Not only will such a move vastly assist with...


4Chan sees Taylor Swift performing at a DEAF school

This is one of those stories that’s cruel, but funny. Users of imageboard website 4Chan have pooled together to amalgamate false votes on the ‘Taylor Swift on Campus’ competition which could see Taylor Swift performing at the highest voted school in the US. What did they vote for? A school...


Why is Flash still so prevalent?

HTML5 has perhaps been the best thing in the past few years, in terms of advancing web technologies. No longer do we need plugins, extensions, and 3rd party software to view videos and listen to audio clips online… or do we? This is where the problem lies. Every modern browser...


Helpful site: whocallsme

Do you keep getting called at unreasonable times?  Or when you are working?  Or when you do not wish to be called? Or even, if you answer a call from a strange number repeatedly and when you answer the caller ‘hangs up’? Then look no further than this post! —...


What Browser is right for you?

Hey guys Jake here. Today I am going to be talking to you about which web browser you should be using and why. Bare in mind I am not going to be going through every single web browser on the market just a few of the most used browsers. ____________________________________...