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Xbox One will be released 27th November, says Amazon

Amazon’s american branch is claiming that Microsoft’s upcoming console, the¬†Xbox One, will be on sale from 27 November. Whilst the Redmond-based company are yet to officially confirm a release date, Amazon, who received over 2500 pre-orders of next-generation consoles per minute, could definitely be considered a trusted source. The Xbox...


Amazon acquires Goodreads, a social network for books

Amazon have today issued a press release announcing their acquisition of¬†Goodreads, a social networking site based around book recommendations. According to the press release, Goodreads has over 16 million members, contributing to more than 30,000 online book clubs. Whilst Amazon have now acquired the company, the site’s primary retailer is...


Will e-books replace traditional books?

Over the past few years, e-books have become incredibly popular as more sophisticated devices are constantly developed, and a wider selection of books is available online. Perhaps the most widely known e-reader is the Amazon Kindle, introduced by Amazon in 2007. The Kindle has been a huge success, with more...