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Snapchat is down for some users

Popular short picture messaging service Snapchat is unavailable for many users. When sending a picture, the service recognises a send command but is unavailable to send. On further investigation, error reports show that the server has denied a connection. The official Snapchat Twitter account has not yet acknowledged the issue,...


Get a taste of Facebook Home…without Facebook Home

Captivated by Facebook Home but undecided whether you want Zuck & Co. to have total control of your beloved smartphone? Well, an update to Messenger for Android will let you sample “Chat Heads”; one of the more notable features of the recently unveiled Android skin. Chat Heads, simply, allow you...


Why UK Rail Needs to Make Use of Technology

As a daily commuter, I have experienced the thrills and spills of train travel. Delays, cancellations, expensive coffee, and overcrowding to name a few. Sadly, these problems can’t really be helped by the franchised train operating companies (TOCs). I do believe, however, that with the use of a bit of...