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Start-up success: 5 tips to get you through your first year

Starting your own business can be daunting, emotionally draining and, occasionally, petrifying. But once you’ve made it through your first year of trading you’ll begin to enjoy your venture as much as you did when it was just a figment of your imagination. Here are 5 top tips for making it through...


Amazon acquires Goodreads, a social network for books

Amazon have today issued a press release announcing their acquisition of Goodreads, a social networking site based around book recommendations. According to the press release, Goodreads has over 16 million members, contributing to more than 30,000 online book clubs. Whilst Amazon have now acquired the company, the site’s primary retailer is...


Get a Job by Acting Like a Startup

A lot of people are faced with redundancy, and traditionally either use recruitment agencies or career consultancies if they are lucky. But one approach not traditionally considered, but which could well work for you in these uncertain times is to act a little like a start-up. Here’s my notes on...