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Pick of the Week 6/26

Batman/Superman #1 Batman/Superman #1 is a seminal work that juxtaposes the different backgrounds and ideologies of the DC’s two most famous heroes. The first interaction between the characters doesn’t occur face-to-face but through a fight between children. While Bruce Wayne watches and allows the child to defend himself, Clark Kent...


Pick of the Week 6/12

Joe Hill’s Thumbprint: Thumbprint has one of my favorite lead characters to date. Private Mallory Grennan has done some horrible things as a prison worker in Abu Ghraib, and we see her struggle to reconcile her past and the war with civilian life. When a blank envelope containing a thumbprint...

Chin Music 0

Pick of the Week 5/8

Chin Music #1 There’s been a rash of supernatural crime fighting comics lately, but Chin Music is one of the better ones. The story follows Shaw, who “is a man on the run and lost in time. [….] [in] a tale of mysticism and violence. Tony Harris’s art is rich...