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Foxconn takes on more staff to ramp up iPhone production?

Apple has asked manufacturing firm Foxconn to take on additional staff at its Zhengzhou factory, Bloomberg reports. Foxconn apparently began hiring at the factory a month ago, adding to the current workforce of between 250,000 and 300,000 people. Workers have been recruited at Foxconn’s plant in Zhengzhou, eastern China, for...


Google Glass breaks the ‘made in China’ trend

We’re used to pretty much everything we own coming, at least at some point, from China. No electronic device, item of clothing or indeed any other material good seems to lack the notorious ‘Made In China’ sticker. Originally the reserve of cheap tacky items, China are now the global industry...


4000-Strong Strike at Foxconn

Up to 4000 workers at the Foxconn factory in China went on strike yesterday due to tighter production regulations on Apple’s iPhone 5, and more hours, including holidays, required of the workers. According to a report from China Labor Watch: The majority of workers who participated in this strike were...