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The State of PC Gaming: Driving Games

Danny is a gamer. He enjoys consoles and handhelds very much and, to a much lesser extent, mobile gaming. However, of all platforms, PC is his favorite. At a time when the anticipation for the new console generation is dominating the hearts and minds of many a gamer, Danny thinks...


Xbox One will be released 27th November, says Amazon

Amazon’s american branch is claiming that Microsoft’s upcoming console, the¬†Xbox One, will be on sale from 27 November. Whilst the Redmond-based company are yet to officially confirm a release date, Amazon, who received over 2500 pre-orders of next-generation consoles per minute, could definitely be considered a trusted source. The Xbox...


Geekily 12 Days of Christmas – Steam Sales

So in the new year, expect numerous sales on the well known PC gaming platform of steam. The Steam summer and winter sales are well known for their HUGE discounts and large choice. I have been subject to these deals for a few years now, and I have had many...