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Twitter prepares to launch #music service

Twitter is joining with music service We Are Hunted, who on friday announced the acquisition. Just moments after Ryan Seacrest hinted at a new Twitter music feature, Twitter officially unveiled the service through a landing page at music.twitter.com. The sign-in button leads to an app authorisation page under the name...


HMV is Bankrupt – What Happened?

Recently, HMV has gone into administration. As many of you may know this is one of the most famous shop in the music industry and not many of us want to see it go.   This isn’t the first time that the company have gone into debt. In early 2011,...


Make Spotify sound awesome with a free Equalizer

Spotify has had a huge impact on changing the way we listen to music. It has saved me an immense amount of money since I switched from buying individual songs on iTunes, and almost every premium user that I have spoken to, including myself, has emphasized how much easier and...