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Hands on: New Google Maps

In 2005, Google officially announced its mapping service. While there were some less-featured aerial mapping services beforehand, Google implemented an easy-to-use service that could be used by everybody with a web browser. Just a few months later, Google released the Maps API, which now accounts for 15 percent usage of...


Xbox 720 Speculations

Only a few days ago Sony released details for the PS4 including games accompanying the release, tech specs and the new controller. Speculation and rumours say that Microsoft are planning an event to release the new Xbox. Sony have been hogging all of the media for the past week with their sudden press...


Apple Changes Iconic Headphones

Recently, it has been leaked that Apple are changing their iconic ear-buds with a new design as shown above. This release ties in with the release of the iPhone 5 later this year. The design has been unchanged since 2006 (2008 Release) when the current ear buds were designed. The new design...