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HavenCo Returns, as a VPN Service?

SEALAND have today announced the return of HavenCo, a data haven based on the principality, after being offline for 5 years, and not accepting customers for 10 years. It’s not entirely clear as to what it will do exactly, but VPNs have been confirmed and secure storage solutions are also...


Geekily 12 Days of Christmas – SD Cards

What does every geek love? Storage space. The bigger the better, the faster the better. Thats why a great gift for any geek is an SD card. I suffered for about a year with having a 2GB Micro SD card for my phone, however this Christmas that has all turned...


Setting up a FreeBSD server for SparkleShare

So SparkleShare is a cool new concept – it’s basically Dropbox for your own server. I am a strong supporter of using FreeBSD thanks to it’s simplicity, ease of use, and applications which are actually up to date! (Debian respoitories still hold a copy of apache which is several versions...