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The State of PC Gaming: Driving Games

Danny is a gamer. He enjoys consoles and handhelds very much and, to a much lesser extent, mobile gaming. However, of all platforms, PC is his favorite. At a time when the anticipation for the new console generation is dominating the hearts and minds of many a gamer, Danny thinks...


Software You Should Have: Steam

Platform: Mac OSX, Windows, Linux, iOS (Store and Friends List Version) Download it from Here: http://store.steampowered.com/ Cost: Free (You have to pay for the games though Dummy!) “Video Games” now there is a popular idea. Whilst the console giants battle it out generation after generation, there is one platform that...


What happened at the #Playstation2013 event

It was the last day of January when a little video named “#Playstation2013” popped up on the YouTube channel of Playstation, this video (which is viewable here) looked like a generic teaser for Playstation products. That is until you see a date plonked on the end it, Feb 20th 2013...